Dear BJJ Student,

Have you ever felt so STUCK under Side Control or Mount that you actually considered giving up, even though your opponent had no submission hold in place?

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t breathe, claustrophobic, and thought about quitting Jiu Jitsu all together?

I know I have…

I went through that many times during my White and Blue Belt days, specially when I was paired up against heavier and more experienced players. Weighing around 165 lbs, I was always one of the smaller students in class.

When I started Jiu Jitsu, in the 90’s, Jiu Jitsu was catered for the tough guys. There wasn’t “Flow Roll” or “training light”, it was a WAR everyday, every single roll. Tough guys getting even tougher, training like savages. No beginner classes either, you would join the gym and get thrown to the sharks.

But I made it, I survived, and eventually I got promoted to Black Belt by one of the best guys in the business, Fabricio Werdum. That type of training made me not only a tougher Jiu Jitsu practitioner but also toughened me up as a person. But I knew that craziness wasn’t meant for everybody.

"I Witnessed Countless Students Dropping Out Because They Just Couldn't Take It Anymore"

I wish I’d had a better understanding on how to escape and survive from bad positions when I was a beginner. I know I would have struggled way less in my Jiu Jitsu journey, and I’m sure some of my friends who quit back in the day would be Black Belts by now.

Times have changed, nowadays you can even get your Blue Belt without having ever sparred in class 🙂

But if you train at a legit gym, as most of us do, you know the struggle is REAL 🙁

How many times you have woken up in the morning and thought: “I don’t wanna train today because I’m sick of getting smashed and submitted.”

If you get stuck in those bad positions and nothing seems to work, or if you are even considering quitting Jiu Jitsu because you are tired of getting dominated, WAIT

I’ve got something for you!



Finally, a PROVEN (watch video below), step-by-step system on how to escape from the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu: the suffocating Side Control, the claustrophobic Mount, and the dreaded Back.

The Ace of Escapes is not your typical instructional video with hundreds of isolated techniques that are not even linked to each other. We’ve ORGANIZED all the info, connected all the techniques together in a predictable system, and given you a solid plan to be executed.

With over 4 hours of detailed instruction, The Ace Of Escapes Digital Course covers not only techniques, but also mindset, concepts, solo drills, flowcharts, how to survive against MONSTERS (300 pounders), narrated sparring, and much more…

Please Note: You are purchasing a DIGITAL product - You will not receive a physical DVD.

Here's What You Get:

Over 4 hours of detailed and organized instruction on how to escape, defend, and survive from the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu: the Side Control, the Mount, and the Back.

Battle tested techniques that have made me a world champion several times over.

Specific Solo Drills that are gonna be the foundation for your escapes. Also, Solo Drills designed to improve your hip mobility and leg dexterity, helping you to prevent those bad positions in the first place.

Side Control Escape Series: 11 techniques, plus concepts and mindset.

Mount Escape Series: 12 techniques, plus concepts and mindset.

Back Escape Series: 10 techniques, plus concepts and mindset.

Flowcharts to help you visualize the big picture and connect the techniques together.

Survival Skills and Cocoon Position: learn how to set up the most defensive position in Jiu Jitsu and not get smashed by 300 pounders.

How to escape from one of the toughest positions in Jiu Jitsu, the Gift Wrap, aka Rickson Gracie Control. Bonus Video.

How to escape from the Turtle Position. Bonus Video.

Gustavo Gasperin BJJ Black Belt

Hi, I'm Gustavo Gasperin, BJJ Black Belt under Fabricio Werdum and multiple time World Masters Champion.

I’ve spent over 2 decades accumulating this knowledge, curating these techniques, and I’ve handpicked them based on my experience as an Instructor and competitor.

They are easy to learn and battle tested against people of all sizes, as you can see in the tournament video above.

As some of you may know, I walk around 165 lbs and compete at the Lightweight division regularly. In that tournament I decided to compete at the Ultra Heavyweight division (222 lbs & up) because I wanted to test myself against the big guys and for a strategic reason, there were less competitors in that weight division.

All I had to do was win my first fight to move to the semi-finals and be able to medal in this prestigious tournament. And that’s exactly what happened! I beat the first giant on points and advanced to the semis to face another monster, around 6’4”, 235lbs.

I got mounted by a giant, didn’t panic, didn’t expose myself for submissions, waited for the right moment, chose the right technique — Bridge to Elbow Escape Combo, part of The Ace of Escapes Series — and executed a well-timed escape.

Cool as a cucumber 🙂

How would your life be 3 months from now if you learned the skills to survive and escape from those positions? How about starting the new year with a solid defense that’s gonna give you unshakable confidence when rolling against bigger guys?

Just A Final Note Here...

You already know that the course works.

I have personally used these techniques in competition, as you could see in the PANAM video above, and they have made me a 3x world champion. It’s not something that only works for me. I have many students using this system right now and medaling at the biggest BJJ tournaments in the world.

Check out these pics:

You know that’s SO easy to look at this opportunity and say, “Eh. I’ll do it NEXT time.”

But how many times have you told yourself that, only to look back weeks, months, or even years later and discover that you haven't made any progress towards your goals?

I know it's happened to me countless times.

So if you're finally ready to not get smashed in Jiu Jitsu anymore and escape from dominant positions — then stop "thinking" about it.

Let's just do it!

The Ace of Escapes Digital Course $47

Learn how to survive and escape from the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu: Side Control, Mount, and Back.


The Ace of Escapes Digital Course $47

Learn how to survive and escape from the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu: Side Control, Mount, and Back.

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