Rickson Gracie is widely regarded by many as the greatest BJJ practitioner of all time.

The question is: why is he so good? What makes him so special?

When we listen to people who have trained with Rickson, usually the story goes like this: “oh his pressure and control are amazing, I couldn’t do anything to him”, or like Dave Camarillo said once: “Training with Rickson is like trying to move a house.”

In a recent interview to the brazilian website Portal do Vale Tudo, Jean Jacques Machado, who has been training with Rickson since he was a kid, shared a little insight that we don’t hear very often about Rickson.

I felt like it was my duty to translate it to English, not only to help spread this valuable info about Rickson, but also to see if YOU can benefit from it and maybe improve your game.

-Professor Gustavo Gasperin