Side Control Artillery

how to precisely strangle, break arms and legs from the Side Control position


Course Overview

The Side Control has always been among the most powerful and dangerous positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It's extremely hard to escape from the Side Control when it is performed correctly, and the position makes possible a multitude of attacks that can easily overwhelm any opponent.

Unfortunately, too many students only see it as a stalling position β€” their goal is only to hold their opponent down long enough to score points, and they hope that they can eventually transition from the Side Control to the Mount or Back Control.

If you are one of these students, it's time for a change. It's time to start utilizing the Side Control as an ATTACK position β€” finishing the match right there!

Side Control Artillery Online Course is packed with over 50 techniques that cover both Gi and No-Gi, and offers more than 3 1/2 hours of instruction on how to precisely strangle, break arms and legs from the Side Control position.

It also breaks down how to properly distribute your body weight, identify points of control, and transition back and forth among the varieties of the Side Control position β€” Kesa Gatame, North & South, Mouse Trap, Chest-on-Chest, Reverse Kesa Gatame, and Knee-on-Belly.


Please Note: You are purchasing a DIGITAL product - you will not receive a physical DVD.

Techniques Included:

  • 1. Elements Of Control
  • 2. Chest On Chest Control
  • 3. Kesa Gatame Control
  • 4. Mouse Trap Control
  • 5. Reverse Kesa Gatame Control
  • 6. North & South Control
  • 7. Side Control Flow Drill
  • 8. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.
  • 9. The Garrote
  • 10. Baseball Bat Air Choke
  • 11. Baseball Bat Blood Choke
  • 12. Cross Choke Combo
  • 13. Brabo Choke Combo
  • 14. Tagarela Brabo Choke
  • 15. Arm Sling Series
  • 16. Countering The Underhook Escape
  • 17. Spinning Armbar
  • 18. KOB No Gi Controls & Transitions
  • 19. KOB Far Side Attacks
  • 20. KOB Near Side Armbar
  • 21. Chest On Chest Quick Review
  • 22. KG Americana
  • 23. KG Step Over Near Side Armbar
  • 24. KG Far Side Armbar
  • 25. KG Belly Down Armbar
  • 26. KG Windshield Kimura
  • 27. KG Windshield Armbar
  • 28. KG The Nutcracker Choke
  • 29. Kesa Gatame Quick Review
  • 30. MT Alligator Armbar & Triangle
  • 31. MT Americana & Options
  • 32. MT Straight Armbar & Kimura
  • 33. MT Arm In North & South Choke
  • 34. MT Darce Choke
  • 35. MT Regular North & South Choke
  • 36. Mouse Trap Quick Review
  • 37. RKG Kimura Trap
  • 38. RKG Kimura Trap Extras
  • 39. RKG 45ΒΊ Armbar & Omoplata
  • 40. RKG The Chiropractor
  • 41. RKG Transition To The Truck & Banana Split
  • 42. RKG Calf Slicer & Back Take Combo
  • 43. RKG The Twister
  • 44. RKG Transitions To Mount
  • 45. RKG Transition To Windshield Choke
  • 46. Reverse Kesa Gatame Quick Review
  • 47. N&S Kimura Armbar Combo
  • 48. N&S Paper Cutter Choke & Armbar Combo
  • 49. N&S Grip Break To Windshield Choke & Paper Cutter
  • 50. N&S Double Lapel Back Take
  • 51. North & South Quick Review


7. Side Control Flow Drill

About The Instructor

Professor Gustavo Gasperin is a BJJ Black Belt under the great Fabricio Werdum, and was the Head Instructor at Fabricio's gym for many years, located in Venice, CA.

Training among the best for over 2 decades, Gustavo brings an unique approach to his teaching style, a perfect balance between theory and practice, accumulated over hundreds of tournament matches.





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