Nice leg drag and back take drill, with Fabricio Werdum and Renato Babalu at Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles.

1. Werdum controls Babalu’s right leg at the knee, pushes it forward and step to the left in order to execute the leg drag.
2. He drags the leg and Babalu counters it by throwing his left leg over the top, trying to reset his guard.
3. Werdum makes sure Babalu’s left leg is placed below his shoulder while pinning Babalu’s right leg to the mat, crosses his knee on top of it, spinning around and going to a smash pass.
4. Babalu tries to recover the guard by turning into Werdum.
5. Werdum counters that by throwing his right arm around Babalu’s ribs/armpit, switching his hips and walking around to establish side control on the opposite side.
6. Babalu tries to go to turtle to defend the pass.
7. Werdum locks the seatbelt and shoots his bottom hook in. Tries to get the second hook in but Babalu defends it by rolling to turtle.
8. Werdum follows him and keeps rolling all the way to the other side to get his second hook in.