So last weekend Jiu Jitsu shined again in the UFC with 3 beautiful submissions on the main card: armbars by Fabricio Werdum and Demetrious Johnson, and triangle choke by Tony Ferguson.

As you guys know I’ve trained under Fabricio for many years, receiving my black belt from him in 2010.

A great deal of techniques and concepts I teach to this day came from him, and lots of those can be found in my YouTube channel and Online Courses.

Coincidentally, or not, the same armbar that Fabricio applied against his opponent has been explained in detail in one of my online courses, Total Back Control.

Now, what’s even cooler, and most people didn’t even notice, is that Fabricio didn’t initiate that attack on his own.

Fabricio just capitalized on his opponent’s mistake. His opponent GAVE his arm to him, when he was trying to escape the back to the WRONG side, so Fabricio took that arm home.

And guess what?

That same mistake, and also the correct way to escape the back, have been covered in another Online Course of mine, called The Ace Of Escapes.

Crazy right?

With so much cool stuff going on, I decided to break down Fabricio’s fight in the video below.

Hope you enjoy.