If your guard keeps getting passed like a hot knife through butter, then Guard Recovery Fundamentals is for you!

The first ten lessons are about how to maintain and recover your guard in a self-defense scenario. This is the foundation for the whole course, and it was passed directly to me by my coach, Fabricio Werdum.

I’m very proud to be teaching these drills because there are not many people in the BJJ community who are aware of them.

Also, if you have wife and kids that don’t train Jiu Jitsu, then this is the perfect introduction to the art. Not to mention that these are real life-saving skills!

We will then move to the sport Jiu Jitsu and talk about the main differences between the two, especially regarding the distance management/control.

You will learn how to establish safe grips, safe guard, and when necessary recover against the most common passes, like the knee-slice, over-under, leg drag, long step, double-unders, and stack pass.

Last but not least we will go over the Cocoon position, which is the foundation for an impenetrable defense. When things go wrong and your guard gets passed, the Cocoon is the place to stay until it’s time to recover again.

Most of the escapes originating from the Cocoon are gonna go through the turtle position, so the final part of the series will cover in-depth that aspect of the game.

-Professor Gustavo Gasperin