It’s time to take your Jiu Jitsu to the next level and finally understand the underlying concepts and principles that guide our beloved martial art.

Our digital courses are widely regarded as some of the best BJJ instructional videos on the market.

According to thousands of happy customers and hundreds of testimonials and reviews, our courses are clear and easy to understand, well thought out, and offer excellent pedagogy. Each technique builds on the previous one as a system, offering world-class instruction on the details.

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30% BULK DISCOUNT when purchasing all six MMA Leech digital courses at once: The Ace Of Escapes, Ashi Garami Fundamentals, Total Back Control, Smashing The Half Guard, Side Control Artillery, and Guard Recovery Fundamentals.

Guard Recovery Fundamentals

Learn how to maintain, recover, and finally stop your guard from getting passed. We cover Gi, No-Gi, and Self-Defense.

Side Control Artillery

Over 3 1/2 hours of how to precisely choke, strangle, break arms and legs from the Side Control position.

Smashing The Half Guard

Gi, No-Gi, passes, concepts, back takes, submissions, transitions to mount... we've got you covered in this 3-hour course.

Ashi Garami Fundamentals

Build a devastating Ankle Lock game by connecting the Single Leg X-Guard and Ashi Garami position into a tight step-by-step system.

Total Back Control

A comprehensive system detailing how to maintain, recover, and submit from the Back position. Most techniques in this course are accompanied by examples from competition footage.

The Ace of Escapes

Learn how to survive and escape from the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu: the suffocating Side Control, the claustrophobic Mount, and the dreaded Back.

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