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Brabo choke variation from half-guard

April 15, 20140 Comments

Top competitor Jonatas Gurgel teaches a beautiful variation to the always popular brabo choke, from half-guard. This is a great choke to be used when you can’t cross your opponent’s arm for the regular brabo choke. Piece of art.
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Taking the back from reverse half-guard

April 13, 20140 Comments

Awesome rolling technique by Andre Galvao. Learn how to take your opponent’s back from the reverse half-guard (negative half). This situation happens all the time when you shoot for a deep-half guard and he counters going to reverse-half. Take your notes!
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Prana BJJ Gi Giveaway!

April 13, 20140 Comments

As you guys may already know, we’ve teamed up with Prana Gi Company to giveaway a brand new BJJ Gi, any size, any color, any model you want. These are high quality Premium Gis so you are all in for a treat folks!
Here is how to participate:

1. Click “Like” on Prana’s Facebook page.
2. Go to their website and choose your favorite Gi.
3. Select your Gi Size and Model when you fill out our Giveaway entry form. Please make sure it’s your primary email address as we will be contacting the winner via email to collect prizes.
4. You need to validate your email address after entry. We will send you an email with a link, please click on the link to confirm.

The draw will be random and the single winner will be taken from the list of emails entered (you must complete steps 1, 3 and 4).
Winner will be announced via email on 04/19, so ensure your email address entered is correct and you check it.


Judo for BJJ – Armdrag to uchimata

April 8, 20140 Comments

Top instructor Dave Camarillo shows a simple way to incorporate judo into your BJJ game. The arm drag grip is an excellent way to gain an angle cutting off your opponents offense and ability to pull guard. Learn 2 takedowns starting from this very effective grip control.
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Tornado Sweep to Kimura or Side Control

April 7, 20140 Comments

Are you familiar with the tornado guard and its sweeps? In this video Roberto “Cyborg”, creator of the tornado guard, shows us how to setup the basic tornado sweep and finish it with a kimura lock. Watch and learn!
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