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Sneaky arm-in guillotine with Jeff Glover

July 20, 2014 Comments

Good details here on how to finish the arm-in guillotine, with Jeff Glover. The whole set up is from reverse half-guard, you are gonna bait your opponent and let him come on top, getting ready to latch your arm around his neck. It’s quick, and you are gonna surprise a lot of people with this one, as they come on top thinking they got the sweep!
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Devastating loop choke

July 19, 2014 Comments

Triangle choke from back control

July 17, 2014 Comments

Top competitor Roberto “Cyborg” teaches a nice triangle choke set up from turtle position, and how to properly transition to the back in order to finish the choke. What’s good about this one is that you can also combo with a toehold. High level stuff for your game!
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Reverse armbar & kimura from side control

July 14, 2014 Comments

If you like kimuras here is a great variation taught by world champ and UFC fighter Robert Drysdale. This variation is an excellent option from side control, when you set up your kimura and your opponent shoots his underhook trying to put you out of position. Go for the reverse armbar instead, and if it fails, you can still work on your kimura. Hope you can add it to your game!
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Clark Gracie omoplata/collar choke combo

July 11, 2014 Comments

Baseball bat choke from bottom

July 10, 2014 Comments

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