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Marcelo Garcia – 3 Different Methods Of Training

April 26, 2016 Comments

Marcelo Garcia first illustrates 2 varying methods of training and competing by playing conservatively, then radically assaulting forward. With his final and 3rd demonstration, he balances risk and security to represent the most efficient mode of sparring.

Gordon Ryan vs Rustam Chsiev – EBI 6 FINAL

April 26, 2016 Comments

Gordon Ryan vs Rustam Chsiev – EBI 6 – FINAL [$25,000 Prize]

Garry Tonon vs Yuri Simoes – EBI 6

April 26, 2016 Comments

Great match from Sunday.

Transition from Omoplata to Armbar

April 21, 2016 Comments

Great transition from Omoplata to Armbar, when your opponent defends it by bending his arm the other way. Taught by the one and only Cobrinha!

Half-Guard pass and Triangle set up with Marcelo Garcia

April 18, 2016 Comments

BJJ god Marcelo Garcia shows how to pass the Half-Guard using a very tight control, and how to take advantage of your opponent’s mistake to set up a Triangle choke.
When Marcelo Garcia teaches, we listen.

Nagekomi with Olympic champion Kayla Harrison

April 15, 2016 Comments

Reps, reps, reps.
Nagekomi with Olympic Judo champion Kayla Harrison.

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