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Wrong Technique Done Right: Grip Committment

January 25, 2015 Comments

“Wrong Technique Done Right.”
Hilarious video… if you do Jiu Jitsu, this is a MUST WATCH!
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De La Riva sweeps and attacks

January 22, 2015 Comments

Want some options for your De La Riva guard? Check out this video where professor Flavio Almeida teaches 3 moves from the DLR: the balloon sweep, the helicopter armbar, and the omoplata set up.
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Spider guard sweep to mount armbar

January 20, 2015 Comments

Sit-up guard to omoplata

January 16, 2015 Comments

Add this to your game! Sit up guard to omoplata.

Single leg finish – Leg in between

January 8, 2015 Comments

Here is a great way to finish the single leg takedown when your opponent keeps his leg in between yours and has an overhook (whizzer). Reach around his waist and get ready for a high throw!
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High crotch to rolling back take

January 7, 2015 Comments

This is awesome! Add it to your game… high crotch to run the pipe to rolling back take.

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