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Buchecha showing some attacks from the Kimura grip

March 4, 2015 Comments

Best BJJ athlete on the planet today, Marcus Buchecha shows some attacks from the Kimura control.
Triangle from the back, wristlock, and armbar.

Half-Guard sweep to KOB to arm-in guillotine

February 25, 2015 Comments

Now that’s some beautiful flow by Ryan Hall.
Waiter sweep from half-guard to side control to knee on belly to arm-in guillotine.

High Crotch to Back Arch

February 24, 2015 Comments

Looking to improve your takedowns? Coach Cary Kolat teaches how to finish the High Crotch with a back arch throw. Pure awesomeness!
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3 Options from Top Inverted Half-Guard

February 20, 2015 Comments

Learn how to pass and take your opponent’s back from the inverted half-guard. Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to properly back step in order to secure the position and start attacking your opponent. Make sure to add them to your arsenal!
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How to pass the Rubber Guard with Marcelo Garcia

February 18, 2015 Comments

Marcelo Garcia teaches 2 ways to pass the Rubber Guard. Make sure you add them to your game!
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Ronda Rousey and BJ Penn rolling at AOJ

February 16, 2015 Comments

Cool roll between these two!

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