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Armbar defense sequence

April 20, 2015 Comments

BJJ phenom Keenan Cornelius teaches an Armbar defense sequence that should be part of your game!
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X-Guard to the Back

April 17, 2015 Comments

Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to take the back from X-Guard when the basic sweep fails.
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Add this to your game! Lasso guard to inverted triangle, by Roberto Cyborg.

Posted by MMA Leech on Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lasso guard to inverted triangle

April 12, 2015 Comments

Breaking the Spider Guard – 4 Options

April 9, 2015 Comments

If you can’t break the grips, you can’t pass the guard!
That’s absolutely true, especially when you are going against the Spider Guard. You will never get close enough to your opponent or have chest on chest if you don’t get rid of his grips. You have to get rid of that foot stepping on your biceps!
In this video, professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches 4 options on how to break the Spider Guard. Also, an important detail about Passing From The Knees VS Passing Standing.
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Heel hook from Shin-On-Shin Guard

April 5, 2015 Comments

Keenan Cornelius shows us how to effectively reap and heel-hook your way through the lineup in this Metamoris Virtual Seminar, with special guest Jeff Glover.
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2015 PANAMS Black Belt Highlights

April 2, 2015 Comments

Awesome highlight video from the 2015 PANAMS! Watch it and go train!
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