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30 BJJ techniques in less than 3 min

August 27, 2014 Comments

Really cool video with 30+ well executed BJJ techniques. Watch it and I’m sure you are gonna learn a thing or two!
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Guard recovery & inverting with Mendes Bros

August 24, 2014 Comments

Learn how to invert and recover your guard with the Mendes Bros. This is definitely a great move to master and add to your arsenal. Inverting is a huge part of modern Jiu Jitsu and you can also use this drill to defend against different passes. Worth checking out!
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Garry Tonon armbar escape

August 23, 2014 Comments

Easily one of the greatest armbar escapes in recent years, Garry Tonon vs Kron Gracie, ADCC match.

26 Judo throws in less than 30 seconds!

August 22, 2014 Comments

Perfect technique, check it out!
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Best moves of Metamoris 4

August 20, 2014 Comments

Awesome highlight video of the last Metamoris event. Worth watching it!
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Counter to knee slice pass

August 18, 2014 Comments

The knee slice pass is one of the most basic guard passes in BJJ, yet one of the hardest to stop. Check out this video as Andre Galvao shows one of his favorite counters to the knee slice. Great stuff to add to your game!

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